Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hi Happy Wednesday!

It is finally Wednesday and I can't wait till this Friday.. well actually I am more excited for it to be on Saturday night.. why you ask? No's nothing to do with the Halloween parties I got invited to.. it's more like I get to sleep and extra hour on Sunday... YAY!! I think it makes a big difference when you rest an hour more.. instead of 6 hours a day of sleep I hope I can get 7... I know.. I don't get enough sleep! My sister tells me she needs at least 9 hours.. she needs her beauty sleep... I am telling you..some people have it made! Anyway.. I have this other projects that I made a few weeks ago and I am going to share them with you.. One of them is a little bag that is made out of an envelope.. simple yet so cute! Well I hope you like it and have a Blessed week...TTYL!!


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