Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paper Bag Album

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share with you this really cool picture album I made from paper bags! I know at first I thought it would look weird, but then when I finally finished it..I loved it! I made it for my friend Jessica who's birthday was this last Saturday. I hope she will add her pictures and share them with me.. she said she was.. will see. :) Anyway I used 8 paper bags instead of 6.. and I used the DP I have not sure what companies the paper is from.. but I know I have a few companies there. I added a few ribbon and got the accordion idea from Dawn at Dawns stampingthoughts.typepad.com. She is so cool and has some awesome ideas.. you should check her out! I hope you enjoy my album..I only added a few pictures.. I am not sure where the rest went.. :( anyway Talk to you later


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