Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry no Card

Hi Everyone!
It's been a loooong time since I last posted something on my blog... I am soooo sorry.. I don't know what is going on lately.. there is soooo many things going on, besides being the holidays.. it's been very busy.. there are so many birthday parties that are quickly coming up.. there are holiday craft fairs that I need to go to.. (I love checking out the creativity of so many talented people). There was that crazy shopping day... I got a few items I wanted for myself.. I purchased a Sizzix... of course I havent' even used it with all that is going on.. Ohhh and my family and I took a short day trip to central part of California.. I live in Southern California.. It was beautiful and amazing.. And I still wonder how people can say that there is no God.. I am sadden to hear people say that after I see the beauty that He created for us to enjoy. Anyway.. I haven't had the chance to download my pictures that I have taken from the items I did create.. so I am going to post a picture of my children.. I have three adorable children and I am so Blessed to the mother of these three lovable children.. Happy Wednesday and talk to you soon.. Hopefully I will have more things to share with you.


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